This command allows suitable SD cards to be formatted by the Manager PC. The IP500v2 supports SD cards with the following format: SDHC minimum 4GB FAT32 format (Single partition, SDHC, class2+, FAT32, SPI & SD bus). Non-Avaya supplied cards of the same format can be used in the IP500v2 system's Optional SD slot for additional actions such as backup.

icon warning WARNING: All File Will Be Erased
Note that this action will erase any existing files and folders on the card. Once a card has been formatted, the folders and files required for IP Office operation can be loaded onto the card from the Manager PC using the Recreate IP Office SD Card command.

icon warning WARNING:
Avaya supplied SD cards should not be formatted using any other method than the format commands within IP Office Manager and IP Office System Status Application. Formatting the cards using any other method will remove the feature key used for IP Office licensing from the card.


1.Insert the SD card into a reader slot on the Manager computer.

2.Using Manager, select File | Advanced | Format IP Office SD Card.

3.On Quick systems, select IP Office A-Law or IP Office U-Law.
On Partner systems, select IP Office PARTNER Edition.
On Norstar systems, select IP Office Norstar Edition.

This selection just sets the card label shown when viewing the card details. It does not affect the actual formatting. Select the label that matches the files set you will be placing on the card. The other options available are not used for a Basic Edition system.

4.Browse to the card location and click OK.

5.The status bar at the bottom of Manager will display the progress of the formatting process.

6.When the formatting is complete, you can use the Recreate IP Office SD Card command to load the IP Office folders and files onto the card from the Manager PC.