This command can be used with a read-writeable SD card on the IP Office Manager PC. It copies the files and folders used by an system when starting. It updates the card with the version of those files installed with the IP Office Manager application. It includes the binary files for the system, external expansion modules and phones. The command also copies all language prompt sets used by Embedded Voicemail.

If the card contains dynamic system files such as SMDR records, they are temporarily backed up by IP Office Manager and then restored after the card is recreated. For the card to be used in a system's System SD slot the card must be Avaya SD Feature Key card. The card must be correctly formatted (see Format IP Office SD card), however a reformat of an existing working card is not necessary before using recreate to update the card contents.

The source for the files copied to the SD card are the sub-folders of the \Memory Cards folder under IP Office Manager's Working Directory (normally C:\Program Files Avaya\IP Office\Manager). However, if the Working Directory is changed to a location without an appropriate set of \Memory Cards sub-folders, the required set of files will not be copied onto the SD card.

1.Note: This process can take up to 20 minutes depending on the PC. Once started the process should not be interrupted.

2.Insert the SD card into a reader slot on the Manager computer.

3.Using Manager, select File | Advanced | Recreate IP Office SD Card.

4.On Quick systems, select IP Office A-Law or IP Office U-Law.
On Partner systems, select IP Office PARTNER Edition.
On Norstar systems, select IP Office Norstar Edition.

This selection will affect how the IP Office system operates when defaulted with this card present in its System SD card slot.  The other options available are not used for a Basic Edition system.

5.Browse to the card location and click OK.

6.IP Office Manager will prompt whether you want to include Avaya IP Office Web Manager files as part of the recreate process. Those files are necessary if you want to use IP Office Web Manager to manage the IP Office system into which the card will be loaded.

7.Manager will start creating folders on the SD card and copying the required files into those folders.

8.Do not remove the card until the process is completed and Manager displays "Ready" in the status bar.