This menu is accessed from the System page by selecting Remote / Administrator Password.

This menu cannot be accessed from the Admin Tasks.

New systems use default security settings with the user name Administrator and password Administrator. This is the password used by IP Office Manager for access to a system. As a minimum, you should change the Remote/Administrator Password. Failure to do so will leave the system potentially insecure.

This password is also used for connection to the system by the Administrator account to System Status Application, System Monitor and IP Office Web Manager.

This command is greyed out and disabled when editing an off-line configuration.

Changing the Remote / Administration Password

1.From the Manager home page, click Change Remote/Administrator Password.

2.The Change Password menu is displayed.

3.Enter the new password, confirm it and click OK.

4.Click Apply in the system page or click on the icon save config icon.

5.In the Send Configuration menu click OK.

6.The user name and password will be requested. Enter Administrator and the old password.