When this command is selected, Manager will upload the software files for IP Office to the System SD card. It includes all IP Office software, phone software and Embedded Voicemail prompts not already present on the System SD card.

After this command the system will reboot. The reboot will end all calls and services in progress.

It copies the binary files used by the IP Office control unit and external expansion modules.

It copies the firmware files used by phones supported by the system.

For systems configured to running in IP Office Basic Edition, IP Office Basic Edition - PARTNER Mode or IP Office Basic Edition - Norstar Mode mode, the files for IP Office Web Manager are copied.

For systems configured to run Embedded Voicemail, the Embedded Voicemail prompts for those supported languages set as the system locale, user locales, incoming call route locales and short code locales are upgraded. In addition the English language prompts are upgraded as follows: IP Office A-Law/Norstar SD Cards - UK English, IP Office U-Law/PARTNER SD Cards - US English.