This menu is accessed by selecting Incoming Call Management in the menu bar and clicking Auto Attendant. The menu displays a list of the auto attendants that have been configured for use. It can be used to adjust their settings and to add additional auto attendants.

web auto attendants

Auto Attendant

The settings shown for each auto attendant are shown below. These can be changed by double-clicking on the auto attendant.

Language: Default = Match system language.
This settings controls the language used for auto attendant action prompts. The options are Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Cantonese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Argentinian), Spanish (Latin), Spanish (Mexican), Swedish, Taiwanese, UK English, US English.

Menu Prompt Usage: Default = Each menu uses own prompt.
Each time profile option used by an auto attendant can have its own set of actions and therefore may require a separate actions prompt to be played after the appropriate greeting prompt. The settings Each menu uses own prompt does that. Alternately one of the menu options can be selected as the menu option prompt played at all times of day.

Night Service: Default = On.
If selected, when the system is in night service, the auto attendant will switch to using its out of hours greetings and menu actions. If not selected, when the system is in night service, the auto attendant will continue using the greetings and menu options as determined by its own time profile settings.

Emergency Service: Default = Off.
This field indicates when the auto attendants emergency greeting option has been enabled by someone using the auto attendant. The field can also be used to disable the emergency greeting without having to go through the auto attendant menu.

Additional settings can be viewed and edited by clicking on the View Details link.