The system's System SD card hold two copies of most files. Those loaded by the system when it starts are stored in a /System/Primary folder. An additional set of files are stored in a /System/Backup folder on the same card.

Using IP Office System Status, you can have the system copy the contents of the /Primary folder to the /Backup folder. This may be useful if you anticipate making a number of configuration changes but want to keep a backup copy of the existing configuration and other files.

This process does not backup the prompts, messages and greetings used by the system's voicemail mailboxes and auto attendants. They are stored in the card's /lvmail and /dynamic/lvmail folders.

The backup files can be restored using IP Office System Status.

Backup System Files using IP Office System Status

1.Click Monitoring in the menu bar and then click on System Status.

Alternatively, open a new browser or browser window and enter the address https://<IP Address>:8433/ssa/index.html using the same <IP Address> as used for Basic Edition Web Manager of the system. This option provides IP Office System Status a larger window for displaying information.

2.In the IP Office System Status Logon window, enter the same IP address, user name and password as you have used for Basic Edition Web Manager access to the system.

3.Click Logon.

4.In the navigation tree on the left, click on System.

5.At the bottom of the screen, click Backup System Files.

6.You will be asked to confirm the action. Click Yes.

7.While the backup is in progress, the Backup System Files and Restore System Files buttons are greyed out. Do not perform any other system actions until the backup is completed.