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Shutting Down the System

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The system should always be shutdown using the following process before it is switched off. This ensure that system actions such a file writes are completed before the power is removed. It also ensure that the current configuration in the system's memory is backed up to its System SD card.

The shut down can be either indefinite or for a set period of time after which the system will automatically reboot.


A shutdown must always be used to switch off the system. Simply removing the power cord or switching off the power input may cause errors.

This is not a polite shutdown, any calls and services in operation will be stopped. Once shutdown, the system cannot be used to make or receive calls until restarted.

The shutdown process takes up to a minute to complete. When shutdown, the CPU LED and the IP500 base card LEDs 1 and 9 (if trunk daughter card fitted) will flash red rapidly. The memory card LEDs on the rear of the control unit are extinguished. Do not remove power from the system or remove any of the memory cards until the system is in the this state.

To restart a system when shutdown indefinitely, or to restart a system before the timed restart, switch power to the system off and on again.

Shutting Down the System using Basic Edition Web Manager

This method performs a indefinite system shutdown. To restart the system power will need to be removed and then reapplied.

1.Click Monitoring in the menu bar and select System Shutdown.

Shutting Down the System using IP Office System Status

1.Click Monitoring in the menu bar and then click on System Status.

Alternatively, open a new browser or browser window and enter the address https://<IP Address>:8433/ssa/index.html using the same <IP Address> as used for Basic Edition Web Manager of the system. This option provides IP Office System Status a larger window for displaying information.

2.In the IP Office System Status Logon window, enter the same IP address, user name and password as you have used for Basic Edition Web Manager access to the system.

3.Click Logon.

4.In the navigation tree on the left, click on System.

5.At the bottom of the screen, click Shutdown System.

6.Select how long you want the system shutdown. If you want to shutdown and then switch off the system's power, select Indefinite.

7.Click OK.

8.You will be asked to confirm the action. Click Yes.

9.The system will start its shutdown process. This will disconnect the IP Office System Status application and Basic Edition Web Manager.

10.When the shutdown is complete, LEDs 1 and 9 on each card in the front of the control unit will flash red. If shutdown indefinitely, power to the system can now be safely switched off.

System Shutdown Using the Control Unit AUX Button

When the AUX button is pressed for between more than 5 seconds, the IP500 V2 control unit will shutdown with the restart timer set to 10 minutes.



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