The phone system has two ports which can be connected to external relay systems, for example systems used to open doors. These connect to the Ext O/P socket on the rear of the system's control unit. Refer to the installation manual for details.

Once a external relay system is connected, you can configure which extension users are able to activate the relay ports and the type of activation (open, close, pulse).

There are two separate menus, one for Contact Closure Group 1 and one for Contact Closure Group 2. Each has the same range of settings.

Contact Closure Type: Default = 3 Seconds On.
Sets how long the closure is activated when a user presses a contact closure button. The options are 1 Second On, 3 Seconds On, 5 Seconds On and Toggle. (change the contact between open or closed).

Extensions to be enabled: Default = None.
This table is used to select which user extensions are able to activate the contact closure by dialing feature codes at their extension or using programmable buttons set to the Contact Closure feature.