Up to two analog extension ports can be configured as door phones. When either door phone is taken off-hook, the other extensions configured below are alerted and can answer the door phone user. This option is typically used to connect a phone in a public area to a receptionist or similar.

There are two sets of settings, one for Door Phone 1 and one for Door Phone 2. Each has the same range of settings.

Door Phone Extns: Default = None.
Use the drop down list to select the extension to which the door phone is connected. The Equipment setting of the user is automatically set to Door Phone 1 or Door Phone 2 by this.

! WARNING - Reboot Required
Changing this setting requires the system to be rebooted for the change to take effect. Rebooting the system will end all calls currently in progress.

Door Phone Alert Extns: Default = None.
This table is used to select which extensions are alerted and can answer when the door phone is taken off hook.