The members of the night service group are used as the destination for most external calls when the system is in night service. The night service group is a collective group, that is all members are alerted at the same time.

When the system is put into night service, the Coverage Destinations of all trunks and trunk channels are overridden. Instead all calls to which the Coverage Destination would have been applied are present to the users in the night service group. The only exception are calls routed to specific destinations by DID call mapping or Call-by-Call settings.

The group is a Ring All groups, that is a call to the group will alert all the available group members (those not already on a call) until the call is answered.

Any ring delays on trunks are ignored. Instead calls redirected to the Night Service Group members alert immediately.

If a system password is set, users in the Night Service Group need to enter that number when dialing external calls. The only exception is if dialing numbers in the Emergency Numbers list and marked system speed dials. No additional outgoing call restrictions are applied to any users not in the Night Service Group.

Editing the Night Service Group

1.Click Incoming Call Management in the menu bar and then click Groups.

2.The list of groups supported by the system is displayed.

3.Scroll the list to the Night Service Group and double click on it.

4.The Edit Group menu is shown for the group.

5.Select the users who should be members of the group.

6.Click Save.

Changing a User's Group Memberships

1.Click User in the menu bar.

2.Scroll the list to display the user whose group membership you want to adjust.

3.Double click on the user.

4.Click on the box in the Groups column. The drop-down lists all the groups and shows the groups for which the user is a selected member. Select the Night Service Group.

5.Click Save.