This menu is used to enter and display the licenses that the system has. The menu is access by selecting System in the menu bar and clicking on Licenses.

The set of PLDS licenses for a system are supplied in a non-editable XML file. This file is uploaded to the system. To add or delete a PLDS license requires replacement of the whole file. The license file is unique to the PLDS Host ID which is based on the  feature key serial number of the System SD card installed in the system prefixed with 11. This host ID is shown in an information panel to the right of the license list.


Licenses are required for some features. The license keys are entered into the system configuration and are based on the unique Feature Key number of the System SD card installed in the system and the feature being enabled.

SIP Trunk Channel Licenses
The system can support 3 simultaneous SIP calls without needing licenses. Additional simultaneous calls, up to 20 in total, require the addition of licenses to the configuration.

VCM Channels
Note that for SIP calls the system also requires VCM channels. For a system those are provided by installing IP500 Combination base cards. Each of these cards (up to 2) provides 10 VCM channels.

IP500 PRI Channel Licenses
The IP500 PRI 1 trunk daughter card supports the use of its first 8 channels unlicensed. Use of additional channels require licenses to be added to the configuration. The maximum number of channels depends on the current Line Sub-Type setting of the PRI trunk.

Embedded Voicemail Additional Ports
Unlicensed, the embedded voicemail provided by the system supports 2 simultaneous connections and 15 hours of storage. This can be expanded up to 6 channels by the addition of licenses, each of which enables an additional two channels. Each license also enables an additional 5 hours of storage.

License List

For each license key in the PLDS XML file, the following information is displayed:

web license

Feature: Information field, not editable.
The name of the feature licensed.

Instances: Information field, not editable.
This field typically indicates how many items are enabled by the license. The meaning of this varies depending on the feature being licensed.

This field shows the status of the license.

Unknown is shown for newly entered licenses until the configuration is sent to the phone system and then reloaded again.

Valid is shown if the license key matches the System SD card's Feature Key number.

Invalid is shown if the license key does not match the SD card serial number.

Dormant is shown if the license key is valid but is conditional on another license that is not present.

Obsolete is shown if the license key is valid but the license is no longer used by the version of software installed in the phone system.

Expiry Date: Information field, not editable.
Some licenses have an expiry date, for example trial licenses. This field will indicate that date.

Source: Information field, not editable.
Indicates the type of license.