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Overriding Auto Attendant Time Settings

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Each auto attendant can have its own time settings for morning, afternoon, evening and out of hours. These control which greetings the auto attendant uses and the options it provides to callers at those different times.

Each auto attendant also has a Night Service setting. This is used as follows:

Those auto attendants with their Night Service option enabled will immediately switch to using their out of hours settings when the system is put into night service.

Those auto attendants with their Night Service option disabled will continue to follow their own time settings regardless of whether the system is in night service of not.

Checking and Changing an Auto Attendants Night Service Setting

1.Click Incoming Call Management in the menu bar and then click Auto Attendant.

2.The list of auto attendants is displayed.

3.To change the setting for a particular auto attendant in the list, double-click on the auto attendant. Change the Night Service setting and click Save.


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