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IP Office Basic Edition - Web Manager R11.1

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Software Updates

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Software updates in the form of specially prepared file set files may be made available by Avaya. These can be used to update the software being used by a system.

You must read all IP Office Technical Bulletins relating to the IP Office software release to which you are upgrading the system before you upgrade. The Technical Bulletin may contain addition warnings or steps that must be performed before or after upgrading.

Before running an update, ensure you have taken a backup of the system.

Base Location
Set the location from which you want to upgrade. The only option currently supported is Local Machine, ie. the computer from which you are accessing web based management.

Update Now
Clicking this button will start the operation. You may be prompted to confirm whether you want to allow Java to run, select Yes.

Configure Path
Click this button to select the folder containing the files and folders to be used for the upgrade. The location should include a file UpPackInv.xml.

Example: If IP Office Manager is installed on the PC in its default location, then the path from which to upgrade using the files installed with IP Office Manager is C:\Program Files\IP Office\Manager\MemoryCards.

Start Upgrade
Once the path has been set, clicking this button will start the upgrade operation. Once the operation has completed, you must login again and restart the system for the new files to be used.



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