All systems support user voicemail as standard. A mailbox is automatically created for every user and its use is enabled.

This section covers those settings that can be controlled and adjusted through the system configuration. There are additional settings that can be adjusted by the mailbox user through the menu prompts provided by the voicemail mailbox when collecting messages. For details of those options refer to the appropriate mailbox user guide.


When Do Calls Go To a User's Mailbox?

If a user has voicemail enabled, calls directed to ring at that user's extension go to the user's voicemail after having rung them for the time set by the user's Voicemail Coverage Rings setting (approximately 15 seconds by default). For incoming external calls, this will apply if the user is set as the line's Coverage Destination.

The above does not apply for calls altering just on a line appearance button that the user has assigned or alerting the user as part of a hunt group.