You can add a name and number shown in your call log to your contacts.

To add a call log record to your contacts: (1408/1416)

1.Access the call log.

a.Press the key call log CALL LOG or HISTORY button.

b.The display will change to show your call log records. The caller's name is shown if known, otherwise the number.

c.Use the up arrow up and down down arrow arrow keys to scroll through the records.

2.Press the Details soft key. The individual details of the currently selected call record are displayed.

3.Press the +Contact soft key.

4.Use the up arrow up and down down arrow arrow keys to switch between the name and number details for the new contact.

5.Using the telephone keypad and the Bksp soft key you can edit the name and the number. When editing the number, use the Pause soft key to enter a comma (,) for a 1 second pause in the number dialing.

6.When the name and number are set as required, press the Save soft key. To return without saving the name and number, press the Cancel soft key.