To access the call log: (9504/9508)

1.Access the call log.

a.Press the key call log CALL LOG or HISTORY button.

b.The display will change to show your call log records. The caller's name is shown if known, otherwise the number.

c.Use the up arrow up and down down arrow arrow keys to scroll through the records.

2.Pressing OK will make a call to the number stored with the currently displayed record.

3.You can use the functions listed at the bottom of the display by pressing the soft key below the function name.

Make a call to the number stored in the currently displayed call log record.

Display more details about the current call log record. You can then also add the caller details to your personal directory if required.

Switch between the different sets of available soft key functions.

Deletes the current displayed record.

Del All
Delete all the call log records, not just the current types of records being shown.

4.To exit the call log, press the PHONE/EXIT button.