To view your contacts: (9504/9508)

1.Access the contacts directory:

a.Press the key contacts CONTACTS key. The directory menu is displayed.

b.Use the left arrow left and right right arrow arrow keys to select which type of directory entries you want displayed.

All directory entries.

Your personal speed dials.

The system speed dials.

The names and numbers of other users on the telephone system.

The names and numbers of hunt groups on the telephone system.

c.Either press the List soft key to display all the directory entries or start dialing the name to display only matching entries.

d.Use the up arrow up and down down arrow arrow keys to scroll through the matching entries. To return to the start to match a different directory selection, press the Clear soft key.

2.When the required entry is displayed, press Details to display the name and number.

3.Use the up arrow up and down down arrow arrow key to switch between the name and the number.

4.The range of soft keys available will depend on the type of directory entry:

Make a call to the stored number.

Go back to the directory listing.

If the contact is one of your personal directory entries, the More soft key will be present to allow you to access the options below. It is also present for external directory entries if you are a system administrator (either of the first two extensions on the system).

Edit the name and number.

Delete the name and number.