All external, internal and transferred calls directed to your extension can be diverted to a different internal extension number. You can enter the destination extension telephone number and select when calls are redirected using a programmed button.

Before you can automatically forward calls you need to assign the feature to a button with lights. The button can then be used to turn call forwarding on and off as required.

Selected users may also be able to do remote call forwarding where they forward their calls to an external number. If that is the case, consult your system administrator, you can use your personal speed dials as the forwarding destination.

You receive a slow interrupted intercom dialling tone when call forwarding is active.


To Manually Set Forwarding

1.Press Feature 4.

2.Enter the number to which you want to forward calls.

To finish, end the call.


To Manually Cancel Forwarding

1.Press Feature #4.

Alternatively, use the same process as setting a forward and enter you own extension number as the destination.

To finish, end the call.