Joining is adding yourself to a call in progress.

You cannot:

Join an internal call or a conference call at another extension.

Join a call at any extension where the extension user has privacy enabled.

Put a joined call on hold.

You can:

Tell when someone has joined your call when you hear a single beep.

Use privacy to allow or prevent others from joining your calls.

Join a call that is being answered by the voice messaging system. When you join the call, the voice messaging system disconnects automatically so you can speak to the caller.

Dial 68 <Line Number>to join a call on that line if a line is not assigned to a button on your extension.


To Join a Call


1.If already on a call, end the call or put it on hold (by pressing bst hold Hold).

2.Press an Intercom or Call Appearance button and dial 68 followed by the two-digit line number.

3.You are now joined with the call. All parties on the call hear a single beep.