Callers to your mailbox can perform the following actions:

Skip Your Mailbox Greeting
Callers can skip your greeting message and go straight to leaving a message by pressing 1.

Transfer to another number
Depending on your settings, the caller can select a transfer to another extension rather than leaving a message.

Leave a message
After hearing the tone, your caller can start recording a message. The system only saves messages that are longer than 3 seconds. The default maximum message length is 120 seconds. However, the system administrator can adjust that.

Options after leaving a message
After leaving a mailbox message, callers can press # rather than hanging up immediately. The caller hears a prompt informing them if the system saved the message. They can then select additional options:

*7 - Login
Using *7 you can select to login to a mailbox to collect messages.

**9 - Disconnect
This option will disconnect your call.