The first time you call your mailbox, the system prompts you to set a mailbox password and to record your name. The system uses the password to control access to your messages and mailbox settings. It uses the name you record in announcements to callers. Though set during the initial mailbox login, you can change the password and change the recorded name at any time.

To login:

1.Dial 777 or dial 778.

2.At the prompt, if dialing from your own extension, press #. Otherwise, enter your extension number and press #.

3.When prompted for a password press #. If this is not accepted, contact your system administrator who may have already set a password for your mailbox.

4.If no password is already set, the system requests you to set a password for your mailbox. Enter a new password and press #.

Enter at least four digits and up to 15. Do not set an obvious code. For example:

Your extension number.

A sequence of digits, for example 1234.

The same repeated digits, for example 1111.

5.The system will prompt you if the password does not meet its requirements. Re-enter the new password and press #.

6.The system now requests you to record your name.

a.Press 1. At the tone, speak your name and then press 1 again.

b.The system plays back your recording. Press # to accept the recording or 1 to record again.

7.After you log in, the voice prompts provide instructions. See Default Mailbox Controls for a summary of the controls.