The system groups messages into the following categories:

After you have listened to a new message, it automatically becomes an old message.

This category applies to messages you marked as saved. You would normally do this for messages that you do not want the system to automatically delete.

After you have listened to a new message it automatically becomes an old message. Unless you delete them sooner, the system automatically deletes old messages after 24 hours.


When you get your messages, the system starts with your new messages, then your saved messages and then finally your old messages. When you retrieve your messages, each message starts with a header which contains details about who left the message (if known) and when.

To listen to your messages:

1.Log in to your mailbox.

The system announces the number of new messages.

2.Press 2 to get your messages. The system plays the header details of the first message.

During or after the header, to listen to the actual message: Press 0. As you listen to your messages, you can use the following controls to listen to all or part of the message again.

To restart message: Press 2.

To replay header: Press 23.

To pause: Press 3.

To resume: Press 3.

To rewind 5 seconds: Press 5.

To restart: Press *5.

To fast forward 5 seconds: Press 6.

To save a new or old message: Press 7.

3.When you have listened to the message, you have the following options:

To reply to or forward the message: Press 1.

To delete the message and continue to the next message: Press *3.

To skip the message and play the next message: Press #.

To skip to the next message: Press *#.

To leave the message in current category and skip to next category: Press **4.

To go back to previous message: Press *2.

To hang up and end voicemail: Press **9.