You can receive notification of a new voice message by using the outcalling feature. When you receive a new message, the voicemail system notifies you by calling a number that you have set. You can then retrieve the message from the number at which you received the notification. Systems running Release 7.0 or higher support this option.

Each outcalling alert rings for a duration you can set. The default is 15 seconds. The call ends if not answered. If answered, the system prompts you to enter your mailbox password. When answer, the outcalling call automatically ends if:

You press *# to indicate that you do not want any more outcalling calls for the current new messages.

You enter the wrong password 3 times.

More than 5 minutes passes with no response.


Up to 3 outcalling calls are attempted, with a minimum of 15-minutes between calls, unless you answer and press *# or access your mailbox by another method. If you receive any more new messages in the meantime they do not restart the outcalling attempts.

This section covers the following actions:

Initial outcalling configuration

Setting your outcalling destination

Setting your outcalling timeout

Turning outcalling on

Turning outcalling off

Answering outcalling calls