The timeout controls how long the outcalling call rings the destination number before hanging up if not answered. The default is 15 seconds with the maximum being 59 seconds.

If the destination specified is an internal number, outcalling does not go to voicemail if unanswered. However, if the destination is an external number with its own voicemail, the timeout must be set to less than the time before the external voicemail might answer. For example, if you have voicemail active for your mobile telephone, where any calls go to voicemail if not answered after 30 seconds, you must set the outcalling timeout to less than 30 seconds.

To set your outcalling timeout:

1.Log in to your mailbox.

2.Press 6 for change outcalling information.

3.Press 1 to configure your outcalling options.

4.Press 2 to change the length of the timeout.

5.Enter the time out length between 5 and 59 seconds.

6.Press # to confirm the time out length.

7.Press *7 to return to the outcalling menu.