You can chose to have calls to your extension be rerouted to your voicemail mailbox if you do not answer the call within a set number of rings, the default being 3 rings. This is called VMS Cover. The number of rings used for your extension is set by your system administrator.

If an extension has Call Coverage and VMS Cover active, a covered calls ring at the covered extension for the specified number of Call Coverage Rings. It will then start ringing the covering extension. If the covering extension does not answer, the call is routed to the voice mailbox of the extension that activated Call Coverage after the specified number of VMS Cover Rings. The count of VMS cover rings starts when the covered extension initially begins to ring. If the covering extension has Do Not Disturb active, the call is routed immediately to the voice mailbox of the extension that activated Call Coverage.

Users with VMS Cover turned on can activate Do Not Disturb to send ringing calls immediately to their voice mailbox.

Note that when your voicemail cover is off, you can still access the messages in your mailbox and other users can still use forwarding to send messages to your mailbox.


To Create a VMS Cover Button (ETR 18D/ETR 34D Phone)

1.At the phone press Feature 00.

2.Program Extension: is shown on the display.

3.Press the button that you want to edit or enter a number between 03 to 80 to select a button. The current setting of the button is displayed.

4.Dial FEATURE 15. The current setting of the button will now be set to VMS Cover.

Exit programming by pressing Feature 00. You can also exit programming mode by lifting the handset, then placing it back in the cradle.