This function allows you to switch do not disturb on or off. Whilst on, you will not receive any calls. Calls to you are redirected to call coverage extension if set or to voicemail if on. Hunt group calls rings the other available members of the hunt group. When enabled you will hear interrupted dial tone.

Use this feature to incoming calls for the extension from ringing. You can still use the extension to make calls.

Use Do Not Disturb when you do not want the auto attendant or the voice messaging system to transfer calls to you.

Use Do Not Disturb if you are assigned to a hunt group and need to you leave your desk. Calls to the hunt group will then skip your extension and instead ring the next available extension in the group.

Hold return and transfer return calls are still able to recall to your extension. That is, any calls that you have left on hold for too long or have remained unanswered for too long after you transferred them.

If you also have Call Coverage set, when you use Do Not Disturb , your calls are redirected to the covering extension.

If you also have voicemail on, after call coverage (if set), your calls are sent to your voicemail mailbox.

Whilst you have Do Not Disturb on, when you lift the handset to make a call you will hear interrupted dial tone (also sometimes called broken or stutter dial tone).

To switch Do Not Disturb on/off:

1.Dial #01.

2.A double-tone indicates that the command has been accepted.