We used to use Google Analytics to collect information about site usage. However, we ended that at the start of 2023, mainly because despite the work required once a month to go through the data, it was not yielding much. That is, for the last 6 years you have all been mainly Windows PC users using Chrome as your browser.

Since most of that we can get from publicly internet usage reports rather than having to do the work of running and reporting on our own analytics, we decided to stop doing that.

Historic Details

The details below are a snapshot of the analytics results that we used to collect.

Browser Usage

Aggregated browser usage for the major browsers.


Windows Version

For Windows users (80% of users), the version of Windows client operating system. Unfortunately, at the moment the data doesn't distinguish between Windows 10 and Windows 11.


Language by Browser Setting

The user language based on the browser language setting.


Language by Location

The user language based on the country location.



The user location based on their ISP connection to the Internet.