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The site uses 'cookies' for various functions. For the technically minded we actually use 'localStorage' but that is used in a similar to what most people call  'cookies' so we will call it the same.

For those cookies that we do use, see below, the stored values are not sent to us, or any other organization or websites. They are all managed locally by your browser and no data is transferred to our web servers or those of any third-partys'.

Cookie Types

Most privacy laws, for example GDPR, divide cookies into the following types:

Strictly Necessary Cookies
We use these to drive the operation of the drop-down menus. We are looking at removing them but that is something that will require care.

Functional and Customization Cookies
We have a couple of these, they basically remember whether you had the site header and navigation tree visible or hidden. We are looking at removing them or turning them into 'sessionStorage' which would then allows use to classify them as strictly necessary cookies.

Performance and Analytics Cookies
We did use to use Google Analytics. However, that stopped at the start of 2023.

Advertizing (Targeting) Cookies
We have never used any cookies of this type.

Google Fonts

Various courts have ruled that the use of Google Fonts by linking to the Google font servers is a form of user tracking requiring consent. We do use Google Fonts but with the font files hosted on the Knowledgebase server, which does not allows user tracking.


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