The following is a summary of recent changes to IP Office Knowledgebase operation:



2nd February 2024

We have made some site changes to align with the new look-and-feel of the improve Avaya Documentation Center web site.

28th February 2023

Due to Avaya requirements regarding the use of cookies, and reduction in site support resources, all cookie related features removed.

17th June 2022

Site redesign:

oRedirect to Avaya Documentation Center website when Documentation Center version of document available.

oAll document links open in a new window. Necessary to support opening Documentation Center documents.

oReduced drop-down menus to IP Office mode, release and language to again support above.

16th November 2021

Major restructuring of site to match available support for ongoing maintenance.

10th January 2021

Restructuring on navigation panes to better handle different IP Office modes ('editions').

7th May 2021

Retirement of the email/twitter/RSS feed features. The Google service that provided those features has been retired.

21st October 2020

Update of site:

oFonts to Avaya 'Neo' style.

oAddition of French, German, Italian and Latin Spanish documents to the archive library.

6th January 2020

Various updates to improve site loading speed. Also improvements to appearance on mobile devices.

3rd November 2019

Switch to new server platform:

oImplementation of https and change of URL to

oRemoval of password restrictions.

15th June 2018

oOperation of the site drop-down lists changed to remove deprecated code usage (document.write() commands) and to centralize code to make future maintenance easier (we hope).

oReplacement of cookies usage with localStorage code.

oSite localization structure added.

16th May 2018

Upgrade search for 7.1.1021.

25th April 2018

oStarted adding IP Office Release 11.0 material.

oChanged various key drop-down list files to .php format to make them more resistant to caching.

oSet the max-age of all drop-down menus to 0 (no cache).

oAdded help page describing cache clearing.

17th April 2018

Feedback Enhancements:
The feedback menu options (Gmail and non-Gmail) now include details of the drop-down menu and navigation tree selections.

select_blank.htm Improvements:
This page now includes a manual link to reload the site and will also automatically do that if it remains in view for more than 30 seconds. The page is also set to not be indexed by search engines.

11th April 2018

Drop Down Menu Help:
Help icon buttons added to the drop-down menus.

9th April 2018

Information Level Selector: Addition of the Technical Manuals/User Guides drop-down selector to the technical manuals section of the site.

25th September 2017

Gmail Feedback:
For those who use Gmail rather than an email client on their PC, the site's universal feedback button shown top-right now includes supports an icon for feedback using Gmail.

16th August 2017

Additional Search Options:
Some search result pages now include additional icons that will rerun the same search on Avaya's main website and on Avaya's support website.

15th August 2017

Additional Navigation Tree Control:
Previously, the last option selected from a navigation tree was automatically reloaded when you returned to the same section of the site that uses that navigation tree. An additional icon, shown on the left of the navigation tree, now allows you to turn that behavior on or off.

14th August 2017

Drop-Down Menu Defaults:
The drop-down menus across the top of the site now load default values if your browser has no previously saved choice.

15th June 2017

IP Office Release 10.1:
Material for IP Office Release 10.1 has been added to the IP Office Knowledgebase to support the impending GA Release of IP Office R10.1.

1st February 2017

IE Compatibility Mode:
An issue was found with the site not working in Internet Explorer for users with Compatibility mode enabled. We have now enabled as work around for that .

30th January 2017

Site Operation Redesign: Overhaul of site operation:

Centralization of common scripts, styles and images to speed up loading.

Uses of new code for the navigation trees to improve speed.

The navigation tree and map pages now include icons to indicate the type of target the link is for (PDF/HTML/external).

The social sharing options are now driven purely by local scripts. This means they do not provide any usage tracking to third-party button providers.

The same social sharing options are now also available in the HTML output of both our existing authoring tools (previously it was just available in one).