SDX Business Systems is formed as a management buy-out from Northern Telecom. Its primary product in the UK market was called INDeX.

The website that has evolved into this Knowledgebase began, providing links to download PDF files for the INDeX telephone system and its related products.

After brief lives as a dial-up bulletin board and then a Compuserve site, the site began operating as a web server at www.sdxplc.com (URL now redirects to Avaya), providing both HTML and PDF versions of manuals.

SDX acquired Network Alchemy, whose products became the basis for the IP Office product range.

SDX itself was acquired by Lucent.

Avaya is split from Lucent and includes the IP Office range of products. This site continues as http://marketingtools.avaya.com/knowledgebase.

To mark the switch to new servers and to streamline access, the site address changes to https://ipofficekb.avaya.com.