Once the BCM comes online, Element Manager will display an interface for the administrator to enter the TFTP IP (IP Office IP) information prior to migrating the firmware. It will also display a Migrate Now button under the Migrate Sets to IPO tab.

If the BCM is acting as the DHCP server, switch off the DHCP in BCM.  Conversely, keep the IPO ready, up, and running. Switch on the DHCP of the IPO if the IPO is to act as the DHCP server.

Once you have entered the TFTP IP information and you are ready to proceed, navigate to the Migrate Sets to IPO tab in Element Manager and click Migrate Now.

From this point, you must consider two distinct cases relevant to terminal types. These cases are outlined below. Pay attention to their configurations and use an appropriate procedure based on your terminal type.

Case 1: The IP addresses of BCM and IPO are the same

Immediately after pressing Migrate Now, a popup displays "Disconnect the BCM in next couple of seconds and connect IPO immediately. This should happen within 1 minute." Immediately (within one minute) disconnect the BCM and connect the up-and-running IPO to the network.

If you were unable to disconnect/connect each system within the required timeframe, or if some or all of the sets are still not migrated, perform one of the following actions:

Reboot the sets which have not migrated.

Power off/on the PoE to which the sets are connected.

Case 2: The IP addresses of BCM and IPO are different

No time window applies. The BCM and IPO can both be connected to the Network at the same time. After you select Migrate, the upgrade process depends on your configuration.