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UC Module

You can access the web control/platform view menus for each server platform in a network via IP Office Web Manager.

Avaya supports the following browsers for web access to the server menus:

Microsoft Edge / Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome / macOS Safari.

To access Web Manager:

1.Log in to IP Office Web Manager.

a.Enter https:// followed by the module's IP address and then 7070. Alternatively, enter https:// followed by the IP Office system address and from the menu click IP Office Web Manager on UCM.

b.Enter the user name and password.

c.If any of the Management Services passwords are default, the server requests you to change those passwords. For a new server, the passwords are set during ignition. Note that this does not change the Linux root and Administrator account passwords.

Change Password
This sets the password for the Administrator account of the Management Services service run on the Unified Communications Module. With Referred Authentication enabled (the default) this is also the default account used for Voicemail Pro, one-X Portal for IP Office and Web Manager administrator access.

Change Security Administrator Password
This sets the password for the Management Services security administrator account.

Change System Password
This sets the System password for the Management Services.

2.Click on Solution.

3.In the displayed list of systems, click on the icon_platform icon next to the required system and select Platform View.



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