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Logging Into Web Control Directly

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Use the following method to login directly to the server's web control menus rather than via the server Web Manager menus. This method of logging may be necessary if the Web Manager service is not running on the server for some reason.

Avaya supports the following browsers for web access to the server menus:

Microsoft Edge / Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome / macOS Safari.

To login to the server web control menus:

1.From a client PC, start the browser. Enter https:// followed by the address of the server and :7071. If the IP address is unknown, see Viewing the Module IP Address.

If the browser displays a security warning, you may need to load the server's security certificate.

2.Select the Language required.

3.Enter the name and password for server administration.

4.If the login is successful, the server's System page appears.



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