The method of initial one-X Portal for IP Office configuration may vary:

If you selected both the one-X Portal for IP Office and Voicemail Pro applications during the module initialization, they require no further configuration. When you log into the one-X Portal for IP Office administration, it takes you directly to the final step of changing the local administrator password.

To login to one-X Portal for IP Office:

1.From within the server's Web Manager menus, click on Applications and select one-X Portal.

Alternatively, using a browser enter https:// followed by the address of the Unified Communications Module and then :9443/onexportal-admin.html.

2.The login menu appears. If the message System is currently unavailable - please wait appears, the one-X Portal for IP Office application is still starting. When the message disappears, you can login.

3.Enter Administrator and the password created for that user during the server ignition. Click Login.

The step above assumes that Referred Authentication is enabled (the default for new installs). If not, then the default local account name and password stored by the one-X Portal for IP Office are Administrator and Administrator.

4.The server prompts you to change the local password. This is necessary even if you are using Referred Authentication which does not use the local account.

5.Enter and confirm a new password. Click Change Password.

6.You now have access to the one-X Portal for IP Office administration menus. For full details, refer to the one-X Portal for IP Office Administration manual.

7.Click on Log Out.

8.Click on User Login shown top-right.

9.The login window displays System in currently unavailable. When this message is no longer displayed, attempt to login as a user.