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Module Buttons and Ports

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The Unified Communications Module provides the following buttons:


Unified Communications Module v2

Unified Communications Module v2


Unified Communications Module v1

Unified Communications Module v1



Upper Button/Button 1
You can use the buttons for the following functions:

If the module is running, pressing this button for more than 2 seconds starts a module shutdown. The lower LED changing to off with regular amber blinks indicates a completed shutdown.

If the module has been shutdown, pressing this button causes it to startup.

Alternate Boot
When the module is about to boot, pressing and holding the switch until the LEDs change to off instructs the module to attempt to boot from any device attached to its USB ports.

Button 2: Not used. Not present on the Unified Communications Module v2.


You can use this port to attach a monitor. Use a HDMI to HDMI cable, HDMI to DVI cable or HDMI cable with HDMI to DVI adapter. Note that the module only activates the port if it detects the monitor whilst restarting.

Each module has two USB2 ports. You can use the USB ports for software installation and upgrades. You can also use the ports to connect a USB keyboard for maintenance if advised by Avaya.

Not used. Not present on the Unified Communications Module v2.


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