Server installation creates two Linux user accounts; root and Administrator. You set their initial passwords during the server ignition.

These settings are only accessible if logged in via referred authentication or as the local Linux root. Therefore, when disabled, the setting can only be re-enabled by logging in using the local Linux root name and password.

To change the server's Linux account passwords:

1.Login to the server's web configuration menus.

2.Select Settings and click on the System tab.

Use the Change root Password section to set the new password for the root account.

Use the Change Local Linux Account Password to set the new password for the Administrator account. Note that this is different from the Administrator account used for access to IP Office services.

3.In both cases, you must first enter the existing password and then enter and confirm the new password. The new password must conform to the password rules settings.

4.After entering the old and new passwords, click Save.