The Unified Communications Module requires an IP Office system running with an Essential Edition license at minimum. Additional licenses may be required for additional features.

Essential Edition
This license is a pre-requisite for the Preferred Edition license below.

Preferred Edition (Voicemail Pro)
The Voicemail Pro application requires this license. The license enables the application and 4 voicemail ports.

Preferred Edition Additional Voicemail Ports
These licenses add additional voicemail ports. You can add multiple licenses, up to 20 ports when running Voicemail Pro and one-X Portal for IP Office, or 40 ports when running just Voicemail Pro.

User Profile Licenses
For a user to use the one-X Portal for IP Office application, you must license and configure the user to one of the following user profiles in the IP Office configuration: Office Worker, Teleworker or Power User. Each role requires an available Office Worker, Teleworker or Power User license in the IP Office configuration.