The server collects and store log events. These are viewable through the Logs sub-menus. The Download sub-menu allows the archiving and download of the log files.

To create archive files:

1.Login to the server's web configuration menus.

2.Select Logs.

3.Select Download.

4.Click on the Create Archive button. The button remains greyed out while the archive creation is running:

For debug files, the archive contains any debug records since the last creation of a debug archive.

For log files, the server creates a separate archive file for each service. The archive file contains all log files available on the server.

To download archive files:

1.To download an archive file, click on the file name of the archive file.

2.The process for downloading then depends on the browser.

To delete archive files:

1.To delete an archive, select the Delete checkbox next to the archive file in the list. To select all the archive files click on Select All.

2.To delete the selected files, click on Delete Selected.