Avaya may make update files available individually in response to particular issues or to support new IP Office releases. The files are also included on the Unified Communications Module DVD. You can extract files from a DVD ISO image using an application such as WinZip.

! WARNING - Not Supported for Upgrades from Pre-R11.1
This method of upgrading is not supported for upgrading from pre-R11.1 releases. For example, from R11.0 to R11.1. The sever must be upgraded using the processes in the "Upgrading Linux-Based IP Office Systems to R11.1" manual.

! Upgrade Warning
Upgrading shows a summary of the supported upgrade paths and methods. Before using any upgrade, refer to the IP Office Technical Bulletin for the IP Office release to confirm that Avaya supports the upgrade path and for any additional information that may not be in this manual.

! Backup Application Data
In all cases, always backup all application data to a separate location before upgrading. You can do this using the Web Manager menus.


DVD/.ISO Folder



Voicemail Pro


These are files used by the IP Office applications and services provided by the server.

one-X Portal for IP Office




These are files used to provide the downloads from the App Center menu.

Operating System


These are files used by the Linux operating system and its services.

Voicemail Pro
Avaya splits each version of Voicemail Pro into separate RPM files for the server and for each supported prompt language. Unless advised otherwise, you should copy or upload the full set of files to the file repository.