Avaya makes an C110 ISO file available for each IP Office release. You can use this for upgrading modules.

For modules being used by subscription mode systems, upgrading directly from Customer Operations Manager (COM) is support.

! WARNING - Not Supported for Upgrades from Pre-R11.1
This method of upgrading is not supported for upgrading from pre-R11.1 releases. For example, from R11.0 to R11.1. The sever must be upgraded using the processes in the "Upgrading Linux-Based IP Office Systems to R11.1" manual.

! Disable one-X Portal for IP Office Logging before upgrading
You must disable one-X Portal for IP Office logging prior to upgrading. If you do not do this, one-X Portal for IP Office admin is very slow to respond after the upgrade. You can disable one-X Portal for IP Office logging through the one-X Portal for IP Office administrator menus by setting the Master Logging Level (Diagnostics | Logging Configuration) to OFF.

! Password Change Required after Upgrading to 9.1+
When upgrading from a pre-Release 9.1 system, on first login to Web Manager, the server prompts you to change the default passwords in the same way as for a new installation. See Logging Into Web Manager.