IP Office Technical Tip

Identifying Embedded VoiceMail Prompt Version

Using the IP Office Manager application it is possible to examine the contents of the directories on the flash memory card used for the Embedded VoiceMail (LVMAIL) system. This can be useful in determining the version of the prompts installed on the card.

There are two versions of the Embedded VoiceMail prompts, the initially released prompts, and the version 4.x and higher prompts. Using an Embedded VoiceMail card with the earlier prompts installed on a version 4.x or later IP Office system can lead to inconsistent messages being played to callers.

The version can be identified by:

  1. Selecting File / Advanced / Embedded File Management from within the IP Office Manager Application. This feature is available from IP Office Manager application version 6.2.4 (IP Office system software version 4.2.4).

  2. Manager will display the 'Select IP Office' dialog. Selecting a valid IP Office (with Embedded VoiceMail) will prompt for the entry of a username and password.

  3. Once entered, the Manager application will download and display the directory information for the flash memory card for that system.


The following files were introduced for version 4.0 and should be found in the LVMAIL folder:

Versions of the Embedded VoiceMail system prior to this will not have these files and will need to be upgraded if the IP Office system is version 4.x or higher.