IP Office Technical Tip

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Availability

This Technical Tip is to advise customers of Microsoft’s license transition strategy from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008. Some IP Office applications are not yet supported on Windows Server 2008, and require Windows Server 2003. Avaya is committed to developing and testing solutions supporting the latest Microsoft Operating Systems.

Microsoft acknowledges that some applications still require Windows Server 2003. When a license for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is purchased this entitles the customer to legally downgrade to Windows Server 2003. This is referred to as "Windows Server 2008 Downgrade Rights".

Further information on downgrade rights can be obtained from Microsoft using the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2008/en/us/downgrade-rights.aspx

The following table shows the current support status for IP Office server applications installed on Windows Server 2008:

IP Office Application

Server 2008 32/64Bit

Compact Contact Center Server

No Support Planned

Customer Call Reporter

Support Planned for Q1 2010

Conferencing Center Server

No Support Planned

Contact Store V7.2 (R4.2)

No Support Planned

Contact Store V7.8 (R5.0)

32 Bit only

Feature Key Server

No Support Planned



Microsoft CRM Integration

No Support Planned

one-X Portal Server




System Status Application (SSA)


Support Planned for Q4 2009

VoiceMail Pro Server


UMS and Web Campaigns


IMS and Web Campaigns

No Support Plan

plus IVR and/or TTS