IP Office Technical Tip

Using Phone Manager Pro Licenses to Enable the Office Worker Profile

The IP Office Technical Bulletin 115 (General Availability (GA) of IP Office Release 6) states that for migration purposes, any existing Phone Manager Pro license can, when used on an IP Office upgrade to R6 enable the Office Worker functionality.

This only applies to Phone Manager Pro licenses that display under the licenses pane of the IP Office Manager application as 'Phone Manager Pro (per seat)'. However an issue has been identified with this functionality and this currently does not work for any users, regardless of the number of instances allowed by the license.

Certain users may display within the Manager application as being 'Office Workers', depending upon what they were set to use prior to upgrading to IP Office Release 6. However, enabling validation of the configuration will display a warning message that the number of licenses has been exceeded. As a further indication of the issue, once these users have been changed to 'Basic' through the Manager application, they cannot then be set back to 'Office Worker'.

Older Phone Manager Pro licenses (that display in Manager as ‘Phone Manager Pro’ only) do not enable any instances of the Office Worker profile.

A critical patch which resolves this issue, 6.0(83801), can be found in the IP Office 6.0.x download section of the Avaya Support web site: http://support.avaya.com