IP Office Technical Tip

Wall Mounting the IP Office 500 V2 and System SD Card Installation

Wall Mounting

For certain installations, it may be desirable to wall mount the Avaya IP Office 500v2 control unit. To ensure optimal convection cooling, and to avoid dislodging of cables or the system SD card, the IP Office 500v2 must be wall mounted according to the requirements set out in the Installation Manual and outlined below for convenience.

Wall mounting requires the IP500 Wall Mounting Kit (part number 700430150) plus additional 4.5mm fixtures and fittings suitable for the wall type. The wall mounting kit includes two brackets, one top and one bottom.

In addition to the existing environmental requirements for an IP Office system, the following additional requirements apply when wall mounting a unit:


System SD card installation

The IP Office 500v2 has two SD card slots. The main slot accepts the Avaya System SD card, which provides licensing (ALaw or Mu-Law) and the Essential Edition software (either IP Office Essential Edition or Essential Edition - PARTNER Version). The second slot accepts any generic SD card for system backup and restore. For purposes of installation, the steps outlined in this document are applicable to both SD card slots, but will focus primarily on the System SD card slot:

  1. With the IP500v2 control unit shut down or unpowered, insert the Avaya System SD card into the System SD slot on the rear of the control unit

  2. Gently push the SD card until it clicks into place. Note: If the card does not click into place, it is not installed correctly.

  3. Apply power to any external expansion modules, if connected

  4. Apply power to the IP500v2 control unit


Correct handling of the System SD card