IP Office Technical Tip

North American Dial Plan - CCR Customer Map Pin Locations

This Technical Tip is to inform customers in North America (North American Dial Plan region) how to ensure the correct operation of the Customer Map feature in CCR 6.1 and 7. The following procedure will allow the map pins to populate the correct location of callers on the Customer Map.

Please note: This procedure will disconnect all Internet browser sessions currently logged onto the CCR server.

  1. Make a backup copy of the "AppSettings.config" file. This can be found within the "\Program Files\Avaya\IPOCCR\CCRWebClient" folder on the CCR Server.

  2. Open the "AppSettings.config" file with a text editor such as notepad and check for the presence of the following strings:
      <add key="CallMappingTrunkPrefix" value="1" />
      <add key="CallMappingAreaCodeMaxLength" value="6" />

  3. The strings above may already be present in the config file with different values. If the strings already exist please ensure they have the same values as stated above. If the strings are absent they must be added to the config file exactly as stated above before the text at the end of the config file.

  4. Save the changes and close the "AppSettings.config" file.

  5. Restart the IIS web services on the CCR server by using the "iisreset" command from a Command Prompt or the Web Client service from the CCR System Settings tab.

  6. CCR clients can now log on and use the CCR system.