IP Office Technical Tip

IP Office Applications Server - RAID Support

This Technical Tip is provided as an explanation of RAID support for the Avaya IP Office Application Server delivered with the IP Office R7 Q3 maintenance release software.

The IP Office Applications Server will support the following category of RAID:

  1. Full Hardware RAID

  2. Software RAID built into the Operating System

  3. Firmware RAID. This includes most low cost "RAID controllers". These require vendor specific drivers to be installed


For the IP Office Applications Server:

  1. Full Hardware RAID will always work as it is invisible to the operating system.

  2. Centos Software RAID will work with standard disks and partitions if enabled (in the 'Advanced' option under the 'Installation Confirmation' menu during installation). The Advanced option can be used to adjust disk partitioning. For example, install replacing all partitions, replacing only Linux partitions or install into a new partition in any unallocated disk space. If selected, the menu for the partitioning options is displayed after the server applications selection. Only use this option if you are familiar with disk partitioning and all contents of any existing partitions that you want to maintain have been backed up.

  3. Firmware RAID needs vendor specific drivers to be installed on the PC to work. IP Office Applications Server is not distributed with any vendor specific drivers. The IP Office Applications Server will allow installation and work on systems with firmware RAID, however unless the correct vender specific driver are installed the firmware RAID will not work.