IP Office Technical Tip

Crosstalk Issues on IP500 Analog Trunks

This Technical Tip is to advise customers of a new IP500 ATM Combo card (SAP 700476013) and ATM4U Daughter card (SAP 700417405). These new cards resolve reported issues with crosstalk which, may occur between the vertically associated analog trunk ports (Ports 9/10 and Ports 11/12).

The new PCS07 IP500 ATM4 Combo card and PCS10 ATM4U Daughter card require a minimum software level for the card to be recognized in an IP500 system. The IP Office must be running a minimum software level of 6.1(20) or 7.0(12). The Combo card and ATM4U Daughter card will not function with earlier releases of IP Office software.

The new PCS07 IP500 ATM Combo card can be identified by the label on the box:

To determine the PCS level of an IP500 ATM Combo card the label on the top and bottom of the card will indicate the PCS level. Note: The IP500 ATM Combo card includes an ATM4U Daughter card as one unit - this is identified as PCS07: