IP Office Technical Tip

Avaya Transition to PLDS (Product Licensing and Delivery System) for IP Office Software Access

This Technical Tip is to inform customers of changes to the availability of IP Office software from the Avaya Support web site. Avaya is currently in the process of transitioning access to IP Office software (major and minor releases, feature packs, service packs) to PLDS. The existing software repository is still available and there is no impact to licensing. IP Office licensing continues to be delivered through the ADI licensing system.

  1. Why is Avaya in the process of transitioning software access to PLDS?

  2. Will there be a transition period to allow IP Office distributors and business partners to adapt to the new process?

  3. What was the first instance of IP Office software posted on PLDS?

  4. What are the pre-requisites to be able to use the new PLDS repository for accessing IP Office software?

  5. How will IP Office software be accessed now that the PLDS repository is also available?

  6. What will I see posted and how do I proceed to download the software?

  7. Where can I find more information?

  8. How do I obtain Global Commercial Tools support?
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