IP Office Technical Tip

Avaya Communicator 2.0 for iPad with IP Office

"Avaya Flare® Experience is now rebranded as Avaya Communicator"

This Technical Tip is to inform customers about the upgrade of Avaya Flare Experience for iPad and configuration details in Avaya Communicator Release 2.0.

From Release 2.0 onwards, the Avaya Flare® Experience product has been rebranded as Avaya Communicator. All Avaya Flare® Experience for iPad users will be prompted by iTunes to update Avaya Communicator for iPad.

As of 11th August 2014 Avaya Flare® Experience for iPad is no longer be available for installation from the App Store. Users will not be able to roll back from Avaya Communicator for iPad 2.0 to Avaya Flare® Experience 1.2 after the upgrade.

The update is designed to be seamless and the existing configuration will be retained across the upgrade. All features of Avaya Flare® Experience 1.2 that are supported with IP Office 8.1 FP1+ and 9.0 carry forward with this new Avaya Communicator 2.0 update.


Avaya Communicator for iPad - Release 2.0 - What’s New?

Below are the major new contents in Avaya Communicator for iPad - Release 2.0

  1. Avaya Flare® Experience product has been rebranded as Avaya Communicator

  2. User interface enhancements to match the new "flat" design of iOS 7

  3. Support for 3rd Party Server Certificates: Avaya Communicator has improved security through new certificate handling procedures. For more information, see Updating server certificates to improve end-user security and client user experience on the Avaya support site: (https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100180626)


Supported iPad Hardware and Software Versions


Configuring the server settings

  1. Tap the Communicator icon on your iPad device.

  2. Read the End User License Agreement and tap Accept to continue.

  3. Select Accounts and Services option

  4. Tap Phone Service and do the following:

  5. 5. Enter the ACCOUNT details

  6. 6. Tap Done. You must log out for the settings changes to take effect.