IP Office Technical Tip

IP Office 9.1 Server Edition and Applications Server - Dell R620 Platform - LAN Interfaces

This Technical Tip is to advise customers about the availability of Critical Patches for IP Office Server Edition and Applications Servers running Release 9.1, deployed on the Dell PowerEdge R620 server platform. In some circumstances, when restarting the system, the LAN ports may not initialize correctly. This may cause the system LAN1 and LAN2 interfaces to become mapped to different physical network ports, the system may then be unreachable on the connected physical network interface.

Avaya recommends that customers running release 9.1 Server Edition or Applications Server software on the PowerEdge R620 platform install the CP before attempting any planned upgrades or maintenance. The CP is available for all 9.1 releases - 9.1 GA, 9.1 Service Pack 1, 9.1 Feature Pack and 9.1 Service Pack 3.

The patches are available using the following link to the Avaya Support Web site:


Systems deployed on the PowerEdge R610 server platform are not affected by this issue.